Little Lima Beans Sizing 

Here at Little Lima Beans, we are committed to helping you find the correct size for your children. Use our sizing chart below and read our tips to help you find the right fit for your little ones. When in doubt, size up.


Sizechart Information

Newborn Sizing (NB)

Newborns are typically considered under 2 months of age, up to 22 inches long and if they weigh between 6-8 pounds.

NB size is not typically worn for long and many babies are born large enough to not need a NB size at all.

Infant/Baby Sizing (0-3M up to 24M)

American sizing is measured by age. Age isn’t always enough to find the perfect fit if your baby isn’t a “standard” size. 

Use your baby’s height and weight to help determine a correct fit. 

Toddler (2T-5T)

24 Months VS. 2T (Toddler) What is the difference? Potty training!

24M tend to leave more room for wearing a diaper, have a slightly shorter leg and are more often one piece outfits.

2T have a slimmer fit (no diaper), longer leg and are more often two piece sets making it easy to pull down for potty time.

International VS American Sizing

Some of our clothing manufacturers use European sizing, which is based on a child’s length, not their age. 

European sizing tags are labeled using centimeters.  We convert the size for you, so rest assured you will receive the size you ordered.  * If you are not familiar with European sizing try it on to confirm it is the correct size.

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